Arham Foundation's
Celebrating... 20 years of Excellence in Education

Welcome to Arham

  • About 2 decades of excellence in the field of multi-disciplinary education
  • Shaped careers of more than 20000 students from over 40 countries
  • Signed M.O.Us with top 22 universities / colleges in 7 countries such as USA, UK, Vietnam, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sudan and Afghanistan
  • Recipient of more than 25 National and International awards
  • Awarded over 800 scholarships to underprivileged and meritorious students
  • Regularly conducting various social and cultural events such as Divyang National Awards, Kashmir Festival, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Awareness Rallies, Blood Donation Camps, etc.
  • Strong interaction with Domestic and International industry
  • Affiliations with world renowned institutions such as International Quality Federation (USA), International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute(USA), American Certification Institutes(USA), and BlueOcean Academy (UAE)